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Internet Family Fun

Ways To Recycle an Unwanted CD-ROM

Recycle CD-ROMs into Useful Crafts and Decorations

Do you burn CD-ROMs on your computer and get errors, where you have to toss the CD-ROM? Do you get tons of CD-ROMs in the mail for Internet providers and trial programs? I do and all these unwanted CD-ROMs are piling up. You can recycle them but it isn't as easy as a plastic bottle or aluminum can, so it is time to find some uses for them.

Recycle CD-ROMs into High-Tech Wall Decorations
In a child's room, use them as wall decorations! Just use a tack in the center hole or use double stick tape to attach them to the wall. You can cover an entire wall or put them in a scattered formation for shiny, rainbow throwing decorations.

Recycle CD-ROMs into Coasters
Use a piece of tape to cover the center hole. For a coaster holder when they aren't in use, you can store them in half of a CD-ROM jewel case.

Recycle CD-ROMs into Reflectors
Use as reflectors on your rural mailbox or as driveway markers. At my house we are using them on the back of haywagons instead of buying reflectors.

Recycle CD-ROMs into Game Pieces
Make a large checker board with the spots the size of the CD-ROMs (eight squares by eight squares). Mark 12 CD-ROMs with a red "X" using a red marker and 12 CD-ROMs with a black "X" with a black marker. Kids will love to play a "high-tech" game of floor checkers.

Recycle CD-ROMs into Paper Plate Weights
On outdoor picnics, solve the problem of paper plates blowing away! Place three drops of glue on the outside edge of a CD-ROM and put it on the bottom of a paper plate. This will also help to stiffen the paper plate. When you throw the paper plate out, just pull the CD-ROM off the bottom.

Recycle CD-ROMs into Carpet Protectors
Use them under your couch and chair legs to help protect your carpet from getting the dreaded furniture indent.

Recycle CD-ROMs into Christmas Tree Decorations
Have a high-tech Christmas tree next year. Glue on a string for a hanger, then glue lace and beads on the CD-ROM. Kids will have fun decorating them and they sparkle with the tree lights.

Recycle CD-ROMs into Garden Row Markers
On the CD-ROM write the name of your vegetable with a permanent marker. Glue or tack the CD-ROM to a stick and put in the ground to mark your garden rows. They may also act as a high-tech scare crow.

Make A Room or Doorway Screen
String the CDs into a single strands with yarn then attach the long strings to the top of a doorway to make a high-tech 60's door screen.

Can you think of a use for unwanted CD-ROMs? You can help save the planet and have your tip displayed on this site.
Submit Your Tip Here Be sure to include your name, return email address and recycling tip.

Recycle CD-ROMs Tips Submitted By Users:

Garden Helpers by Michelle
We used CD's in our garden to scare away unwanted birds and squirrels. I hung a string between two poles and threaded the cd's on it. They spun in the wind and scared the pests away. Also lay some on the ground between rows and rabbits will be startled. Works very well!

Flower Holder by Jillyjill
My sons are always picking me these beautiful flowers (dandelions and other spring flowers). The problem is that I don't have a vase that works because the stems are either too short or won't hold the flowers up. What I do is take a cd and put it over a glass of water. I put the flower stems thru the hole of the cd. It holds them up and the shiny surface of the cd acts like a mirror to display my beautiful flowers.

Hidden Plug Help by Jaxon St. Arbourne
Do you ever have a problem plugging cords into the back of your computer,stereo, or other electronic device because you can't see the back without pulling the unit out? Just put some double stick tape on the non-mirrored surface of the cd, line it up with what plugs you need to find and attach it to the wall behind the appliance. Now you have a cheap (free in fact) mirror to help you out...and you don't have to worry about damaging it, as a replacement will be sent every now and again, whether you ask for it or not!

Rifle Targets by David
Use them for rifle shooting targets. It will save you the cost of clay targets. Be sure to pick up the pieces.

Sun Catchers by Cathy Lash
Take two CD-Rom's glue them togeather writing on the inside and then use picture from wrapping paper and glue on to the CD-Rom.Drill a small hole on the top and use them for Sun Catchers.

Flowers on a Stick by Ben
If you cut the CD's using an electric jig saw you can glue them to a stick in the shape of a flower. Its fun to cut up the CD's and the flowers look really neat. Because they are shiney the CD's also keep the birds away.

Recycle Them!! by Sean
The city of Fort Collins has a handy list of recycling resources ... ... which includes CDs and floppies.

Make a Mosaic by Robert Morris
I've been collecting unwanted CD's for about six months, and currently I have 630 of them. Since they come in a wide range of colors, I'm going to break them into pieces and create a mosaic to put on my wall.

Christmas Ornaments by Joyce
Use old cards cut size of cd, glue or use double stick tape on printed side. Drill hole for yarn or ribbon hangar. Cover small hole on other side with small picture, verse or photo. Use marker to write message and mail as Christmas card/ornament.

Mobiles by Laurel
I painted old CD's with craft paint, added stickers of all kinds, and drilled a hole and made a CD Mobile. When the wind blows them, the shiny side gives off brilliant colors and yet it is neat to see the other creative side. If you want, you can add bells, or whatever on bottom for chime effect. Fun to do!

A Clock by DyLinn
I took a used Lazer Disk (looks like a CD but is the size of a vinyl record, which could also be used if spray painted silver), an old CD Rom, a flat coil of wire (could use a silver washer) and added purchased clock works for a cool all silver computer room clock. I just layered the pieces together and added funky silver hands. The washer or the coil of wire must be used to reduce the size of the hole of the CD. I didn't even add numbers so the whole thing is silver. Very futuristic looking.

Disco Ball by Christina
You can cut the cd-r's into 1/2 inch square pieces by using heavy-duty scissors. Get a styofoam ball and hot glue the square pieces to the ball,(shiney side up) and go all around the ball. When you are done you will have a homemade disco ball. Depending on the size of styrofoam ball you use you can make christmas ball ornaments or just a fullsize disco ball.

Another Disco Ball by Eliza
I used AOL cds from the mail and hot glued them on to a styrofoam ball. I drove a screw in the top and hung it in my daughter's room to be used as a disco ball and she adores it!

Recycle in the UK by Ben
I have found a website that places plastics including CD roms into the recycling chain. They provide free collection and payment all over the UK. Hope this is useful info.

Heat Them to Make Them Easier to Work With by Ratnae
Heat your oven somewhere about 350 degrees. Place CD directly on the oven rack and wait a few minutes.
Once it's warm enough to handle without burning yourself, you can easily cut the CDs into pieces with scissors. I've made masks, mosaics and other cool stuff this way. Melt & cut a lot at a time so you don't have to go through this hassle very often! *Note - I haven't tried this but as Ratnae says, be careful and be sure to do this outside away from anything flammable. You may also want to use a toaster oven that you don't care about in case they start to drip and ruin the toaster oven.

Wind Chimes by Deb
Glue two CD's together using Tacky Glue. Let dry. Drill one tiny hole in top and five or six holes along bottom. Use permanent magic markers to decorate both sides of CD's. Draw a simple design with a black marker and fill in with the colored markers. Hang beads or metal rods from bottom holes using floss or fishing line. Tie a piece of same in top hole and make a loop for hanging. You can also decorate these C.D.'s with sequins or beads instead of the magic markers.

Keep Birds Away by Beverly
Tie long piece of yarn or string through center of the CD-ROM and hang on fruit trees to discourage birds from landing in the tree and eating the new fruit.

Re-Use CD ROM Spindles by Maggie
Recycle cd spindles (what the cds are sold on/in) by putting the following items on the center spindle
1) storing hair scrunchies (paint the outside for a decorative case)
2) store rubber bands
3) bracelets

Spinning Top by Sam
Glue one of those pop-up tops from drink bottles in the middle of the CD. Then you can spin them like a top. They float on the surface of the table or hard floor, or hover! Great fun. I learned this at Cub Scout camp with my grandson. With practice you can get pretty good at spinning it towards a goal, such as in a race with the opponent on the other side of the table, or such.

Party Decorations by Lisa
We used to hang old 45'records from the ceiling with fishing line to decorate for a 50's bash...I don't see why you couldn't sring up the cd roms and hang them from the ceiling too!

Save Lighting Energy by CrazyLarryUSA
I use them for reflectors on lamps, above the bulb. This magnifies the light output, without additional electric use. Make sure not to put them too close to a bare light bulb and do not put them near a halogen bulb.

Keep Burglars Away by Kim
Also use it in the house burglars will think twice. Use a torch to reflect the beam of light on to the CD.

Spinning Top by Bertha
Use a CD to make a spinning top. Glue a plastic corn holder in the hole using a glue gun, then decorate the shiny side with stickers. Make a few and have a competition.

Can you think of a use for unwanted CD-ROMs? You can help save the planet and have your tip displayed on this site.
Submit Your Tip Here Be sure to include your name, return email address and recycling tip.

This article was featured on the BBC World News program: Click Online!

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