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Halloween Decoration

Easy To Make Spider Decoration for Halloween

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Make the Joints of the Spider Legs and Make the Eyes and Display

Halloween Spider Legs and Eyes
Halloween Spider Legs and Eyes.
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Make two knots on each leg of the spider approximately 1/3 from each end.

To make the eyes, I used pieces of the drawstring and taped them on. I placed them in the area where the garbage bag end was pointed and pushed it in to make a rounder appearance. You can use stickers for the eyes or even color your own eyes on a piece of paper, cut it out and cover it with tape.

Put your spider outside on buildings, trees or shrubs, or you put it inside your house buy using tacks to attach the legs to a wall or ceiling.

  1. Gather Your Supplies for Your Large Halloween Spider Decoration
  2. Cut Out the Pieces for your Halloween Spider
  3. Make the Body of the Spider
  4. Make the Legs of the Spider
  5. Make the Joints of the Spider Legs and Make the Eyes and Display

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