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Halloween Audio Sounds - Scary Wav Files

Spooky Sounds For Your Computer Events

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A wave file is a file that is named *.wav and is used by your computer for sound events like when you get new email, when Windows starts up, errors and more.

Are you sick of the Microsoft start up sound or the ding when there is an error? You can easily change the sounds when certain events happen. All you have to do is to find wave files, save them and then install them.

Find Wave Files

First you need to find some cool sounds! The sounds that you will be looking for are wave files. Here are some that I created for Halloween:
High-pitched Scream (highscream.wav)
Witch's Scream (scream.wav)
Moan (moan.wav)
Creeking Sound (creek.wav)
Halloween Organ (dadadaa.wav)
Another Halloween Organ (organ.wav)
Howl (howl.wav)
Scary Laugh (scary.wav)

Click on any of the links above to hear the sound. If you are on a slow connection you may have to click the play button after it downloads so that you can hear it without being broken up.

Or you can get wav files from all over the Internet by doing a Google search.

On the next pages, you can learn how to download sound files and then how to install sound files.

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