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Halloween Costumes

Absolutely Wild and Wacky Halloween Costumes Ideas and Directions

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The best part of Halloween is dressing up! Here are some ideas for some really fun Halloween costumes that are easy to make.
Walkman Halloween Costume
Walkman Halloween Costume
Be a Walkman for Halloween, complete with sound!
Dracula Halloween Costume
Being a good dracula for Halloween, is all in the make up and it is very easy to do.
Pay Phone Halloween Costume
A walking Pay Phone Halloween costume, created from a box and an old phone.
Skeleton Halloween Costume
A great Halloween costume for little ones that don't want bulky costumes. Also is great for a chilly night.

Scary Doctor Halloween Costume
Create this easy Halloween costume with some fabric paint and a trip to the used uniform store.
Doctor Kevorkian and Patient Halloween Costumes for a Couple
Be the famous doctor and his unfortunate patient for Halloween.
Christmas Tree Halloween Costume
Be a little confused for Halloween! Be a Christmas Tree that lights up! People will talk about this Halloween costume.
A Simple Pirate Halloween Costume
This Halloween costume cost around $5 to make and a few hours.
Wanted Poster Costume
Become a wanted poster! This very quick and easy Halloween costume that will have people talking.
Homemade Clown Makeup

Make your own Halloween make up for your costume from items you probably have in your house.

Homemade Face Paint

Easy to make face paint for your Halloween costume.

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