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Christmas Tree Halloween Costume

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Get enough green felt or fuzzy type of material so that it can go around you and be long enough plus about two-inches. Sew a seam so that you have a long cylinder that is wide enough for the bottom of tree (and it won't impede walking).
Cut spots on the side for your hands.
At the top of the cylinder, fold one-inch of material to the inside and sew, leaving an opening. Thread a long shoe lace and draw up. This create the top of the tree.
At the bottom of the tree, fold one-inch of material and put a hoop inside. Then tack the material down. (I used part of a toy basketball hoop, as a hoop)
Get small non-breakable ornaments and garland. Tack them on with needle and thread.
Get a battery operated christmas lights and tack them on with needle and thread.
Use sparkley pipe cleaners to make the halo for the angel face.

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