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Walkman With Sound

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Find a box that will fit you.
Cut out a neck hole and arm holes.
Use a small drill bit to create small holes in a pattern for where the speaker would be.
Spray paint the box silver.
Take black poster board and cut a piece of it that will fit at the top.
Draw radio station numbers with a white gel pen or use a White Out® pen.
Draw dots around the drilled holes on the front with a black marker, for the speaker.
Write on the box, "AM FM Stereo Sony® Walkman"
Take a set of head phones and put the end into the cardboard on the side. If the cardboard does not hold the plug well, you can push the plug all the way through the cardboard and tape it to the inside.
Place a small radio inside the box or in your pocket, so others will hear music.
Do up the person's hair and makeup so they will look like a punk rocker.
To prevent the box from cutting into your shoulders, put some padding on the inside.

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