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Pay Phone

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Find a box that will fit you.
Cut out a neck hole and arm holes.
Spray paint the box black.
Use aluminum foil to create the chrome area of the pay phone. (This is a little tricky, but if you use the glue like wallpaper paste, it works well)
Use an old phone to put on the front. Use rubber bands to hold it on if necessary. Plug the cord into the side of the box. If necessary, push it all the way through and tape the plug inside the box.
Draw on the pay phone features.
Make a coin return level, cover in foil and glue on the front.
Make sure to put some foil or reflective strips on the back of the costume for night visibility. Also put some padding in the inside of the box at the shoulder area so it doesn't cut in.
For the hat, take a shoe box and cover in white paper. Write Public Phone or Pay Phone on the sides. Take some medium weight cardboard and make a circle the size of the head and tack to the inside of the costume.

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