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Earth Day Activities

Time to Stop and Smell the Roses on April 22

It's spring. The leaves are starting to bud and the Earth is waking up from it's long winter nap (at least it is in my neighborhood of the planet). This time of year always make me grateful for the beautiful place that we live in. Although I live in one of the prettiest parts of the world (in my opinion) everywhere has beauty. The trick is to stop and look for it. Maybe your kids can't quite appreciate the beauty and maybe you don't have time to smell the roses but it's part of a parent's job to point it out. And the perfect day for it is Earth Day.

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Take a walk with the kids. Point out all the natural things you see. Even in downtown Manhattan you can find it. All you have to do is look. Trust me, if you are in the car traveling 55 mph, you will miss it. Look for birds, worms, tree leaves or even a blade of grass. With our busy, high-tech lives sometimes it is easy to overlook what a complete wonder all that nature has to offer.

Head to the park and find a nice patch of grass. Lay down and look at the clouds. Aren't they amazing? Everything works in perfect harmony. The clouds form which bring rain. The rain is needed for things to grow. We need to eat the things that grow. The kids need to learn that even a cloud is a wonderful thing and we depend on it for our survival.

Earth Day is a terrific holiday. Why? It's simple. It doesn't cost a thing. There is no stress to buy a present or fix a perfect meal; all you have to do is to stop and smell the roses. A perfect no-stress day that the entire family can enjoy together. Better yet - you don't even have to wait for the offical day! On the next nice day, head out and do your Earth Day activities.

Happy Earth Day!

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