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Printable Christmas Gift Bags Instruction

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Instructions to Make Free Printable Christmas Gift Bags

Each printable gift bag is 5 7/16 inches tall, 3 1/4 inches wide, and 1 3/8 inches deep. They are the perfect size for jewelry and other small gifts.

One sheet of paper, scissors and glue is required to make one gift bag.

Print Out The Image
Print out a free printable Christmas gift bag of your choice. Gift bags are in Adobe Acrobat file format. If you can't display these, please download the free viewer. Heavy weight paper is suggested for durability. I used matte-finish photo paper (37 lb. weight). Regular copier paper will work. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Cut Out The Gift Bag
Cut out the bag. Cut the flaps that will form the bottom of the bag as shown on the image. To cut out the center of the handles, use a paper punch to make a place to start with the scissors or pinch the inside of the handle to make a slit.

Fold and Glue The Gift Bag
Fold on the fold lines as shown. Once you make all the folds, glue the two areas shown.

Make The Gift Bag
Place the side of the bag over the long flap of the bag to make a "box" as shown. For the bottom, fold in the two side flaps, then push the flap on the bottom to complete the bottom. Press it down on the inside of the gift bag to secure.

Fold The Sides
Pinch the sides together as shown.

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