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Printable Gift Bags for Christmas

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Instructions to Make Free Printable Christmas Gift Bags

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Each printable gift bag is 9 3/4 inches tall, 6 7/8 inches wide, and 3 1/8 inches deep.

Four sheets of paper (heavy paper is recommended), scissors, a quality glue stick, and two 12 inch pieces of yarn is required to make one gift bag. Heavy weight paper is suggested for durability. I used matte-finish photo paper (37 lb. weight). Regular copier paper will work but it won't be as strong. Use a quality glue stick for best results. Remember that your gift bag will only be the quality of the materials that you use. If you plan on using your gift bag for a heavier-weight present, you will need to add a piece of cardboard in the bottom and secure the construction of the bag with tape.

Print Out The Image
Print out a free printable Christmas gift bag of your choice. Gift bags are in Adobe Acrobat file format. If you can't display these, please download the free viewer.

Make the Necessary Cuts on the Gift Bag
On the large panels, only one cut at the bottom of the sheet is required.
Cut out the side panels
For the bottom, cut out on the outside lines.

Fold the Gift Bag
Fold on the fold lines as illustrated in the picture above. On the large panels, fold the top first, then the sides.

Attach The Large Panels and Sides
Glue the side flaps of the large panel to the sides. Then attach the other large panel to one of the sides of the glued panels (make sure that the top fold on the large panels are on the top as shown in the picture below). When you fold out the panels that you glued together with the printed side down, you will have a side, large panel, side and large panel (as shown in the picture below).

Attach The Bottom
Place your folded bottom piece along the bottom and glue together, as shown.

Set up the bag so it sits on it's bottom and then glue the bottom flap to the side as shown. Then glue the other large panel to the bottom.

Finish Gluing Together
Finish gluing the sides and bottom together to complete, as shown.

Pinch The Sides
Pinch the sides together as shown.

Make the Handles
Cut two 12" lengths of yarn to make the handles. Use a paper punch to make the holes as shown on the large panels. Knot one end of the yarn and then thread it through the hole from the inside of the bag. Thread the yarn into the other hole and knot the end. Do this to the other side of the bag.

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