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Birthday Party Games

Birthday parties can be so much fun if you have plenty for everyone to do. Here are some birthday party games for children's birthday parties: [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Group Birthday Party Activities
Clue Hunt Birthday Party Game
Before the party hide clues written on paper, that will take them to the next clue. Create clues that are age appropriate for the clue guessers, such as:
Send them to a picnic table - "I am made of wood and I love picnics even though people sit on me." or "I'm never invited to a barbecue but I am always there to keep people up and away from the ants." If the party is for young children that aren't good readers, you can send an adult to help. At the end of the clue trail hide candy, balloons or goodie bags with the children's names on them if you do it at the end of the party.

Games With Winners for Birthday Parties
Have a large amount of prizes for winners. There are some subjective games that you can play if several of the children aren't winning any prizes.
Wet Fun
Before the party fill buckets full of water balloons. Provide one bucket for two children. Divide the children in half and have them stand several feet apart. Have them throw a water balloon at the person across from them. If someone gets wet, they have to sit down. If the sides become uneven, even them out by sending children over to the other side. The last dry person is the winner.
Funny Face Contest
Have the children stand in a line and one at a time, have them make a funny face. Select a winner.
Object: to be the last person not called out with the letters s, p, u, and d. Stand in a circle. Everyone gets a number. One of the children stands in the center and then throws a ball in the air and then calls a number. The child with that number gets the ball and everyone else can run away. When they touch the ball, he or she calls out "Spud" and all the other children must freeze. The person with the ball then can take four steps and attempt to throw the ball and hit anyone. If he or she hits the person, the person that gets hit, gets a letter, s, p, u, or d (letters are assigned in order) - if they miss or the other person catches the ball, the person in the center get a letter. The person that gets the letter is the next person that throws the ball and calls the number after a circle is formed again. Once a person gets all four letters they are out of the game.

Toddler Birthday Party Game
Submitted by: Krishna
Have the toddlers sit in their parents laps at a round table. Get a small ball or a keychain elmo (something that is going to get the toddler eye)and 3 cups or bowls. Do the disappearing act with the ball and make the toddler guess where the ball is. It will be fun because the parent can help them. When they get it right they get a small prize.

Games Without Winners for Birthday Parties
The children sit in a circle. A child thinks up something to say and then whispers it into the ear of the child sitting next to them. That child then whispers the saying into the ear of the next child until the saying goes all the way around the circle until it reaches the child to the side of the person that made something up. That child then says what was just whispered to them and the child that made up the saying says what was originally said.
Guess The Birthday Person's...
Weight, middle name, his or her's favorite television show, favorite song, bed-time, or other interesting facts.

Team Games With Winners for Birthday Parties
Fill The Cup
Line the children up in two lines. Have a start line with two big buckets of water and two cups at an even distance away. Have the children take a spoon and fill it up and run down to the cup and drop the water in it. The child then runs the spoon back to their team and the next child goes. The winning team is the one that fills up the cup with water.
Pass the Orange
Have the children line up in two lines. Place an orange on the team captain's neck and have them hold it with their chin. Have each team pass an orange to the person in back of them without touching the orange. If they touch the orange or drop it, it must be sent back to the beginning of the line. The first team to pass the orange all the way through the line, wins.

Your Ideas for Birthday Party Games
Do you know a fun game for parties? Have your game listed on this site by submitting it!

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